Jimbo’s Story

In 2008, after a long bout with cancer, James McDonald or “Jimbo” passed away at the age of 59. Jimbo left behind some great friends and family, who were not ready to see him go. For most, the hardest part of Jimbo’s passing was the fact that Jimbo lived and loved life to the fullest. His laughter and mere enjoyment of the littlest things in life were infectious. He had an inspirational way of bringing out the kid in everyone he met and he truly believed that no matter how old he got, he still was a kid inside. Jimbo believed that if he could remain a kid in his own eyes that he truly would live forever. Unfortunately for all of us who remain, Jimbo didn’t make it to forever—however his legacy as the “kid” definitely will.

In the wake of his passing, family and friends decided to prove that the kid really can’t be beaten. You see, Jimbo ran the Philadelphia Broad Street Run in 1984 and it was one of his proudest moments. With this in mind, his family and friends decided to follow in his footsteps and run the 2008 Philadelphia Broad Street Run in his memory. They called themselves Jimbo’s Squad. In its inaugural year, the Squad raised over $7,600, had 33 Broad Street runners, 135 donors, and over 40 supporters on the course cheering the team on.

It was truly was a spectacular first year and a true testament to the impact Jimbo had on all who knew him. The support and enthusiasm was so great that Jimbo’s Squad decided to continue the tradition for future Board Street Runs, in addition to hosting special events throughout the year to support those battling Cancer.
And so…Jimbo’s Squad will carry on the fight.

Due to the exceptional care and treatment that Jim received while he was under the care of the staff at Fox Chase Cancer Center, his friends and family decided to make a dedicated effort to support Fox Chase Cancer Center. Jimbo’s Squad has since become an affiliate fundraising group of the Fox Chase Cancer Center’s Board of Associates and is committed to raising money to benefit and assist the great care and treatment provided to patients at the Fox Chase Cancer Center.

For more information about Fox Chase Cancer Center and all of the good that they provide our society and their patients, please visit http://www.fccc.edu

Squad Assignment

“The purpose of the organization is to aid the Fox Chase Cancer Center and its affiliate activities in the fulfillment of its objectives; to educate the public about cancer and the Center through materials and events; to provide comfort for patients at the Center and their families as they battle Cancer.”
As many organizations focus on raising money to benefit cancer research (a truly important step to rid our world of cancer), Jimbo’s Squad raises money to help comfort and aid cancer patients as they take on the fight of their life. Money raised by Jimbo’s Squad provides fleece blankets and comfortable pillows to hospitalized patients, puppets to help share bad news with children and CDs and DVDs for patients to pass the time during hospitalizations and treatments. The Squad’s efforts extend beyond the hospital walls as Jimbo’s Squad provides cancer stricken families with all expenses paid vacations to the Jersey Shore and presents and additional aid during the holiday season.
Statistics show that as many as 1 in every 3 people will be affected by Cancer. It is Jimbo’s Squad’s goal to help comfort and lift the spirits of those “1 in 3”, helping them become another statistic…..a survivor!